Non Communicable Diseases are Preventable and Treatable...

NCDs are set to overtake communicable, maternal, neonatal, and nutritional (CMNN) diseases combined as the leading cause of mortality in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030. They remain highly preventable and best buys are now available. We contribute to the missing links at national (Burkina Faso) and continental (Africa) levels with strategic actions to reducing risk factors, catalyzing effective advocacy for access to treatment and financing in the frameworks of the Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals.

NCDs, UHC and SDGs

NCDs and Climate Change

NCDs and Reproductive Health and Rights

Risk Factors of NCDs

Our Mission

We Develop leadership for mobilizing multisectoral action related to healthy lifestyles and chronic disease and injury prevention.

Our Vision

Burkinabe leading healthier and more productive lives.

Capacity Building for the Next Generation of Public Health Leaders

In partnership with the Young Professionals Network against Chronic Diseases (YPCDN) and national stakeholders, we identify, train and prepare the next generation of young civil society leaders and professionals who are able to address social determinants of chronic diseases with solid insights collected in their own communities.

Engage Today

There is room for everyone to get engaged in various projects and activities contributing to recommended interventions to address noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in Burkina Faso and in Africa in General.

Towards the Burkina Faso NCD Alliance

Partnership to defeat NCDs...

Tackling Modifiable Risk Factors

Risk factors of NCDs are known and can be addressed...

Continental and International Advocacy

Advocacy is key to place NCDs in the development agenda in our African countries...


Words For Health Blog/Le Blog des Mots pour la Santé

La Voix des Jeunes Champions Contre les Maladies Chroniques et les blessures au Burkina Faso/ The Voices of the Young Champions Against Chronic Diseases and Injuries In Burkina Faso

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